HR MISSION 2023 Award to Elena Galli for the project carried out in Ghepi

“HR MISSION 2023” is the prestigious National Award annually conferred by the AIDP Foundation – Italian Association for Personnel Management.

This year the award in the “Health and Safety” category was given to Elena Galli, in recognition of the project she carried out at our headquarters as Fractional Manager for Innovation in the Human Resources field, with the aim of promoting a healthy and safe working environment for all Collaborators, where everyone’s contribution is transformed into innovation and growth.

The project involved the Operations Area Team in an innovative analysis of sentiment and ideation, using the #giocoserio approach: an in-depth exploration of the needs of our Collaborators, starting from tools such as Lego, to give voice to needs and expectations and generate proposals and solutions to the critical issues they face day by day.

The proposals that emerged from the analysis were detailed by number of reports, immediate feasibility, implementation costs and concrete benefits, paving the way for various projects on which we worked throughout 2023, thanks to the participation and contribution of the entire team, led by Andrea Aicardi, with an approach of experimentation and rapid prototyping of organizational solutions.

There were many ideas that emerged and the road to realizing them all is still long, but we will continue to work with enthusiasm on these projects, putting People at the center of organizational innovation processes.

We thank AIDP – Italian Association for Personnel Management for this important recognition; Elena Galli for the excellent collaboration that made it possible and all our Collaborators and Managers for their active participation in ongoing projects.

We will continue to invest and promote Health and Safety in GHEPI, keeping alive the spirit of innovation that distinguishes us.