R&D and Innovation

We are passionate about R&D Pojects and propose Innovative Solutions thanks to the professionalism of our cross-functional Team and the potential offered by Advanced and Innovative Polymers and Injection Molding Technologies.

R&D refers to the challenging Projects of our Custormers and to Public Research and Innovation Projects at National and European level.

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Our approach

GHEPI’s strong commitment to R&D and Innovation is confirmed by the active participation, since 2003, in European Research Projects.

Furthermore, in 2011 GHEPI obtained the Accreditation as Research Laboratory of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, an Innovation Regional Ecosystem, unique in Italy, made up of around a hundred of entities: Public and Private Organizations, Universities, Research and Innovation Centers, Technopoles, Clusters.


The GHEPI Lab deals with Industrial Research in these key areas:

For more information, please contact
Andrea Aicardi | Director of Research Lab

Ph. +39 0522 944265
Mobile +39 340 6995093
Email: andrea.aicardi@ghepi.com

European Research Programs

Our partecipation started in 2003 and we are now collaborating in KITT4SME – platform-enabled KITs of arTificial intelligence FOR an easy uptake by SMEs.


KITT4SME specifically targets European SMEs and mid-caps to provide them with scope-tailored and industry-ready hardware, software and organisational kits, delivered as modularly customizable digital platform, that seamlessly introduce artificial intelligence in their production systems.​

In our end-user role, we are experimenting a collaborative robot application aimed at increase Health&Safety conditions, improve workload balance, decrease mental stress, reduce cycle time and repetitive actions, increase products quality.

Networking for
Open Innovation

Networking plays a fundamental role in Open Innovation as it encourages the sharing of ideas, resources and skills between different organizations, generating significant advantages including:

We believe that networking allows you to leverage “Collective Wisdom” by providing a better positioning to successfully innovate and remain competitive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.


Since 2017 GHEPI is a founding partner of the Mechatronics and Motoristics Clust-ER Association of Emilia-Romagna region. The Cluster is key player capable of multiplying innovation opportunities through a collaborative approach, as it focus its activity in R&D aimed at the sectors indicated in the region’s S3 – Smart Specialization Strategy.

The Clust-ER is divided into eight Value Chains and GHEPI has adhered to:

The Clust-ER Mech has joined ELCA – European Lightweight Clusters Alliance, a network that aims to accelerate lightweighting in strategic industrial sectors.
Large Enterprises, SMEs and Research Centers collaborate to find solutions through innovative materials and advanced technologies.

Case History

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The wonder material

GHEPI was the first company in Italy to research and experiment with Graphene as polymeric material reinforcement for injection molding. GHEPI’s experience with Graphene started in 2012 with the participation in Emilia-Romagna region research call on the topic: “Study of Processes of Functionalization of Graphene as Enabling Material for Mechanical Applications”. The research was carried out with a team of companies coordinated by the Bologna CNR – National Research Council and was aimed at formulating High Performance Nanocomposite Polymers for the injection molding of technical and mechanical components.
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For a sustainable innovation

In 2013, through a Professor from the Enzo Ferrari Engineering Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, GHEPI was involved in a Private Company’s R&D Project dealing with the production of a PHA – Polyhydroxyalkanoate biopolymer obtained from plant processing residues.

GHEPI's task was to experiment with different formulations in order to define their scope of applicability and the conditions of processability through injection molding.