50 years

Our History

GHEPI was founded in 1972 by two young spouses,
Nemesio Gherpelli and Maria Gabriella Pinotti, from which
the company name derives.

Nemesio was an expert technician in mechanical automation, blow molding, molds construction, injection molding and had held managerial roles in important companies in the sector. Maria Gabriella worked as an artisan in the knitwear sector, first together with her sisters and then independently.

They were both bearers of great "know-how", a characteristic feature of the entrepreneurial development of the area in the 60s and 70s.

Their business idea was a Life Project, that is, creating something on their own that would guarantee a dignified future for their family.

Thus, GHEPI Snc was born and, in 1996, GHEPI Srl was established with the entry of the three daughters Mariacristina, Angela and Elisabetta into the corporate structure.

from S.n.c. to S.r.l.

Thus, GHEPI Snc was born and, in 1996, GHEPI Srl was established with the entry of the three daughters Mariacristina, Angela and Elisabetta into the corporate structure.

Other People from within the family have entered the company, and still do, and this characteristic trait is very recognizable in the management style but, above all, in the company values, based on the highest respect for the Person, fairness in interpersonal relationships, internal and external, on involvement and listening.


This profound nature of a family business at a value level is completed through a structured organization and responsibilities also entrusted to external Managers with great respect for the roles, a fundamental part of the company values.


In 1972 the business began with molds construction and injection molding of components for the automotive sector: methane gas and LPG systems, stereo speakers, antennas, door protectors, decorative subjects for gear knobs, etc.


We are proud to have built a solid reputation over the years as a professional, reliable, and ethically responsible Partner that operates as an innovation catalyst, providing solutions and managing complex projects with passion and strong commitment.


We have been a family business for 50 years. We are honored that, in 2022, JSP International Sarl, the subsidiary of the Japanese JSP Corporation founded in 1962, acquired a stake in GHEPI to create a Center of Excellence in injection molding for the development of new applications aimed at Environmental Sustainability. 

JSP is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and its major shareholder is Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company.

JSP is a worldwide leader and specialist in foamed materials and provides solutions for multiple industrial sectors, including automotive, packaging, construction, HVAC. It was the first EPP (expanded polypropylene) manufacturer to offer products with recycled content. As a market leader with ARPRO, JSP develops innovative solutions to make products safer, lighter, more convenient, and more sustainable.

Our approach

We like to develop innovative projects and face new challenges in which we make use of the know-how, expertise and professionalism of our cross-functionals Teams to improve the performance and increase the competitiveness of our Customers’ products. We want this commitment to translate into the success of our Clients’ Projects.


For over 50 years we have been working with passion and constant commitment to investing in advanced technologies, updating our knowledge, and evolving to ensure business continuity, establish long-lasting collaborations with Customers, promote the well-being of People and our territory.