Solid foundations for an evolutionary vision of the future

“The growing complexity and competitiveness require an open-mind to innovation that must permeate the Company in terms of products, processes and organizational system. We believe that the protagonists of this evolution are the People and the Culture, authors of the development of the Company and its Future”.

Gherpelli Family

Our headquarter is located in Reggio Emilia, in the Emilia-Romagna region, at the top of the national ranking for Quality of Life, spearhead of technical and technological excellence and first Italian region in the 2023 Regional Innovation Scoreboard of the European Commission with the title of “Strong Innovator”.


Since 1972 our core business has revolved around the projects development and management aimed at injection molding of polymeric materials for Customers around the world. To manage the complexity of a constantly changing world, GHEPI relies on a staff of trusted People, involved and motivated to carry out their role with high professionalism, proactivity and commitment in performing excellent results.

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Believing in People doesn't just mean investing in their professional growth to improve business performance. Above all, it means creating the conditions for their happiness in the workplace because this affects the quality of their life.

Main points of attention

Our main points of attention to People are:

In GHEPI we are always looking for new People to join our growing team, to find out more, please visit our Careers page.