A Team that makes the difference
Professionals with advanced knowledge and expertise with a solution-oriented approach and a drive for generating added value for the customer
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Metal Replacement for
Structural Lightweighting
40 years of experience replacing metals with high-performance polymers for engineering applications
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Designing a Circular Future
Eco-Design with Recycled Polymers, Expanded Polymers, Biopolymers for solutions aimed at Environmental Sustainability
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Full System Supplier
A system of Integrated and Modular Services to offer complete and customized solutions by simplifying the supply chain management
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“The new shape of plastics” is inspired by new shapes in a broad sense, that is advanced materials, materials replacement, environmental sustainability challenges, networks and partnership, to bring innovation and well-being with the added value of plastics.

For 50 years we have been working with passion, constant improvement and innovation. Our Integrated and Modular Supply System represents the constant commitment to working alongside our Customers, anticipating their needs and building long-lasting relationships.

We contribute to the success of our Customers’ projects, evolving our organization in a changing environment, fueling the talent and creativity of People, investing in R&D and advanced technology, studying cutting-edge materials for challenging applications and establishing strong collaborations for open innovation projects.

Mariacristina Gherpelli

Let's evaluate the opportunities together

Our effort for Sustainability

We refer to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda to evolve our business model in two directions:

Finding solutions to design and produce more sustainable and circular products.

Environmental Sustainability begins from Eco-Design.

Our R&D Team, highly specialized in designing with polymeric materials, can work in co-design with the Customer to optimize the products with a view to reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy through lightweighting.

At GHEPI we are committed to adopting responsible behavior in the use of resources and paying particular attention to CO2 emissions. We also believe that efficient systems and machinery generate not only energy savings and a lower environmental impact, but also better Health & Safety conditions for People by generating a good corporate microclimate and working environment. For this reason, since 2013, we have undertaken an important Resource Saving Project which has led to important results.

In GHEPI we invest in the organizational quality and in a distinctive approach to generate high level products and services for our Customers and for continuous improvement of our business performance.

Since 2011, we are accredited as a Research Laboratory of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, an Innovation Eco-System that includes a hundred public and private Research Laboratories, Innovation Centers, Technopoles, which range in many research areas at the highest national and international levels.

We specialize in Product Innovation with a focus on Metal Replacement with polymers for engineering applications and Material Replacement for Environmental Sustainability with polymers for Green applications.

We have been a family business for 50 years. We are honored that, in 2022, JSP International, the subsidiary of the Japanese JSP Corporation founded in 1962, acquired a stake in GHEPI to create a Center of Excellence in injection molding for the development of new applications aimed at Environmental Sustainability. JSP is a worldwide leader and specialist in foamed materials delivering solutions for multiple industrial sectors and was the first EPP (expanded polypropylene) manufacturer to offer products with recycled content.

Sustainability and Innovation are key areas of focus both for GHEPI and JSP, Together we will continue to develop products that are part of the circular economy.

Over 50 years of experience

Since 1972 we have been designing and manufacturing precision mechanical components and aesthetic items for many industrial sectors through injection molding of thermoplastic materials. We work with great passion and with constant enthusiasm to renew ourselves and innovate.

50 years are an important milestone in our history, fruit and synthesis of the life of the people who have been part of it: Collaborators, Customers, Suppliers and a network of trusting relationships thriving on our reputation.