Performance and competitiveness in the development of sustainable products

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For years we have been involved in projects for Sustainability and Circular Economy, offering our Customers R&D services, eco-design, selection of innovative raw materials, molding with high-performance, expanded and recycled polymers.
To answer the requests received from some customers, already involved or interested in sustainability projects, we organized a specific event.
On the day an interactive workshop is also planned, in Design Thinking mode, in order to share needs and opportunities.Our event will be held on Thursday 25th of May at the Tecnopolo in Reggio Emilia: “PERFORMANCE AND COMPETITIVENESS. INNOVATIVE MATERIALS AND METAL REPLACEMENT TO INCREASE THE SUSTAINABILITY OF NEW PRODUCTS”.Attendance is reserved to a limited number of guests, based on the interest shown in the proposed topics.The program includes roundtables, speeches by GHEPI and important external speakers:
Bert Suffis – Sales & Innovation Director of JSP International Sarl: The Future is Light;
Vitale Merolla, Product Development of Emak S.p.A.: Sustainability strategy in product development;
Andrea Sartori – Sales Manager and Leonardo Forner – Marketing & Sustainability Coordinator of SIRMAX S.p.A.: Sirmax materials for the Circular Economy: strategy and case studies.

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