Ghepi participates in the European call for HORIZON 2020

Ghepi firmly believes in R&D, committing to being a Partner in Innovation for Customers, proposing innovative project solutions and optimizing production processes in today’s ever changing scenario.

For this reason we employ resources with the aim of proactively participating in challenging projects aimed at the industry’s scientific and technologic advancement.

Thanks to our constant commitment in Innovation, the Bologna National Research Council invited us to participate in the European Call for Horizon 2020 with the project “IDEAL, Integrated two-Dimensional organic hybrids for optoElectronic AppLications”.

The project is part of the MARIE CURIE ACTIONS which operate within the Innovative Training Networks (ITN) formed by a research team of 11 partners, among which: ISOF-Istituto di Sintesi Organica e Fotoreattività, Mist ER (IT), University of Mons (BE), University of Cambridge (UK), University of Strasbourg (FR), Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), Max Planck Gesellschaft (DE), Basf (DE), Research Centers and private Enterprises.