HORSE European Research Project


Thanks to the experimentations we have conducted with COBOTs  applied to plastic materials injection molding, we are now participating in a European Research Project of the HORSE category, the projects on experimentation with innovative applications. The project partners are SUPSI, Holonix, UniMoRe and GHEPI.

The objectives of the Project named COMPLEMANT – COllaborative robot aMPLifying and Extending huMAN capabiliTies, are:

  • Analyze and monitor the impact of COBOTs on people who find themselves “collaborating” with them.
  • Harmonize the capabilities of the COBOTs with those of the Operators.
  • Create environments of safe and synergistic interaction towards greater efficiency of the production system, product quality and people well-being.

To promote the Human-Robot collaboration it is necessary to overturn the design of complex production systems and adopt a responsible approach based on the anthropocentric design methodology. Specifically, this is equivalent to reversing the paradigm from the current belief that “the human learns how the robotic system works” to the future scenario in which “the robot adapts itself to human capacity”.

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