Manufacturing Processes


Injection Molding, Assembly and Welding for a wide range of in-house operations

With two Injection Molding departments and an Assembly and Welding department, GHEPI performs a wide range of manufacturing processes and finishing.

The production activity is organized on 3 daily shifts and is managed with Nicim software platform for data collection and processing and production scheduling at finished capacity.

This set-up allows for high organizational flexibility and lead-time optimization together with a fleet of 23 injection molding machines from 40t to 650t, assisted by manipulators, collaborative robots and specific auxiliary machines and equipment.

GHEPI manages the following in-house manufacturing technologies and post-molding processes:

  • Injection Molding
  • Gas-Injection Molding
  • Bi-Material Molding
  • Rapid-Cycle Molding with highly automated lines
  • Thermoset Injection Molding
  • IMD – In Mold Decoration
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Vibration Welding
  • Assembly and Testing
  • Pad Printing

The Technical Injection Molding Department comprises 16 40t to 650t machines for the production of technical precision parts, industrial and aesthetic components for multiple sectors.

Depending on the components’ technical characteristics and production volumes, GHEPI evaluates with the Customer process automations to reduce cost and optimize lead-time.

The Food & Medical Department is composed of an ISO Class 8 Clean Room with 7 125t to 250t injection molding machines for the production of food packaging items, in particular closure systems and coffee capsules, and medical devices for various applications, including cardiac surgery.

The Clean Room is also utilized for IMD (in-mold decoration) and electronic devices (food-approved polymers) for the low particulate matter levels.

Outsourced Processing

GHEPI manages several outsourced processes including painting, pad printing, silk printing, chromium plating, laser printing, sublimation, as well as complementary manufacturing technologies through the Operatech network.


To meet the needs of international supplies and supply planning with MRP and Kanban, GHEPI offers an integrated logistics service.