A highly specialized network of partners

Every day the market imposes higher technical requirements, manufacturing standards and competitiveness. To meet Customers’s needs in a changing environment, GHEPI has developed a diverse and highly-specialized network of Suppliers in Italy, China and Portugal, employing Qualified Personnel and Advanced Technologies.

According to the type of application and the expected life cycle, during the mold feasibility analysis GHEPI seeks the balance between quality and competitiveness.

For molds built abroad, GHEPI ensures total Project Management and provides, where required, on-site technical inspection with internal specialized personnel to supervise mold testing and sample sampling.

Despite the distance, our Chinese Suppliers’ service flexibility, responsiveness and competence have led to remarkable results and great Customer appreciation.


Functional prototypes and small series production

In some situations it is very convenient and effective to build molds quickly with easy-to-use materials such as aluminum:

  • To obtain functional prototypes and verify their reliability and performance, as rapid tooling molding handles a wide range of polymers
  • For the production of small lots.

Constructive optimization of multi-cavity molds

Pilot molds are normally designed to optimize and define the construction criteria and the functionality of a multi-cavity mold, allowing it to be manufactured in optimum conditions from the start.


GHEPI’s Internal Mold-Shop manages ordinary and extraordinary mold improvements and maintenance and assists injection molding departments. The Mold-Shop is equipped with 3 and 5 axis CNC milling machines and diving electro-erosion.