Full System Supplier


For complete and tailor-made solutions

Customers increasingly require more flexibility and experience in meeting new technical and production requirements as well as offering complementary, value-added services.

GHEPI responds to these demands through a renewed Business Model:

  • Integration of all stages of project development, order management and services, enabling our Customers to simplify Supply Chain coordination and optimize supplies.
  • Modularity of the system to provide our Customers with a high added value platform and the advantages of customized service.

We take care of every aspect: from R&D to engineering, from simulation to 3D prototyping, from mold construction to industrialization with state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality standards. We are experienced in kanban logistics and offer direct supply to our Multinational Customers’ foreign plants.

Our Integrated and Modular Supply System represents the constant commitment to working alongside our Customers, anticipating their needs and building long-lasting relationships.