Ghepi 50: The new shape of plastics

2022 marks our 50th Anniversary and we have created a special logo, to link the vision of the future to our history.

The 5°0 symbol summarizes the intensity of this historical moment for GHEPI:

50° expresses our story as a Family SME, built on solid values, enriched by People who grew up with us, supported us in difficult times and rejoiced in happy ones, consolidated by Customers, Suppliers and a network of trusting relationships, ignited by investments in technology, research and innovation which excite and allow us to always be up to the Customer’s needs.

5°0 represents the future, the evolutionary phase we undertook with the strategic priorities “Project Solving” and “Designing Circular Future” and, above all, with the new partner JSP International of the Japanese group JSP Corporation.
We agree with the European Community Report “Industry 5.0 – Towards more sustainable, resilient and human-centric industry”, concept consistent with the Japanese one of “Society 5.0”, for a company committed to balancing economic development with the resolution of socio-environmental problems.

The new shape of plastics is therefore inspired by “new forms” in a broad sense, that is materials, products, engineering, and relationships, to bring innovation and well-being with the excellence of plastics.