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We are passionate about our Customers’ challenging projects and offer innovative solutions thanks to the professionalism of our Engineering and Project Management team and the potential offered by polymeric materials and injection molding technologies.

The partnership with GHEPI provides a specialist contribution to the development of projects with Techno Polymers, High Performance Polymers and Innovative Polymers and can offer significant benefits in the participation in national and European-funded Research and Innovation Projects.

GHEPI’s strong commitment to innovation is confirmed by the active participation, since 2003, in important European Research and Development Projects.

In 2011 GHEPI obtained the Accreditation at the Mechanical Materials Platform of the Emilia Romagna High Technology Network

The Research Laboratory deals with Industrial Research and Technology Transfer in these key areas:

  • Industrial Research applied to Metal Replacement in the development of Techno Polymer and High Performance Polymer components with the aim of improving technical-productive performance, overall competitiveness and environmental sustainability.
  • Industrial Research applied to Product Innovation with Innovative Materials including Biopolymers, Nanocomposites (Graphene) and Polymers for Aesthetic and Design Applications.
  • Technology transfer applied to new or existing product design through Process Innovation and/or the integration of different manufacturing technologies.

For more information, please contact Andrea Aicardi | Director of Research Lab
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Towards the future of injection molding

GHEPI was the first company in Italy to research and experiment with Graphene as polymeric material reinforcement for injection molding.

GHEPI’s experience with Graphene started in 2012 with the participation in Region Emilia Romagna research competition “From Production Districts to Technological Districts” on the topic: “Study of Processes of Functionalization of Graphene as Enabling Material for Mechanical Applications”.

The research was carried out with a team of companies coordinated by the Bologna CNR – National Research Council and was aimed at formulating High Performance Nanocomposite Polymers for the injection molding of technical and mechanical articles.

The R&D activity dealt with:

  • Graphene production
  • Formulation and extrusion of compounds into different polymer matrices and their characterization
  • Injection molding of different technical components
  • Laboratory testing for the characterization of newly obtained compounds.

The experimentation is now aimed at improving performance compared to the use of traditional reinforcements and additives through the dispersion of Graphene within different polymer matrices.

Tests have been conducted on components for many applications: technical parts for automatic machines and gardening machines, handhelds for logistics, sealing rings and others.


For a sustainable innovation

We participate with great interest in R&D Projects related to the future trends of injection molding, especially if they involve Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability.

Through the Enzo Ferrari Engineering Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, GHEPI has been involved in a Private Company’s R&D project dealing with the manufacturing technology for a Biopolymer obtained from plant residues.

GHEPI’s task is to experiment with various formulations in order to define their applicability and processability conditions in injection molding.

The Biopolymer being tested is part of the PHA family – Polyhydroxyalkanoate and is 100% biodegradable. Unlike other biopolymer families, PHA has proven to be very interesting for the production of articles requiring structural-mechanical properties.

Up until now, experimentation has led to the creation of components for gardening machines, logistics handhelds, household appliances, toys and furnishing accessories.